Quality Legal Services in Romania

These are the services we provide at present in Romania :

Corporate law

  • Registration of companies;
  • Registration of branches and representative offices;
  • Changes to the constitutive documents of the companies;
  • Representation of the shareholders in General Shareholder Meetings;
  • Provision of registered address;
  • Advisory with respect to corporate structrues;
  • Litigation.

Contracts law

  • Advisory with respect to business and civil agreements;
  • Drafting and negotiatiation of agreements;
  • Providing legal opinions on agreements;
  • Providing legal opinions on possible agreement structures;
  • Providing legal opinions and solutions to contractual matters;
  • Litigation.

Intellectual property

  • Registration and renewal of trademarks, patents and industrial designs both in Romania and European Union countries
  • Providing preliminary advice and consultancy with respect to protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Advisory and protection of copyright and other related rights;
  • Providing solutions for internet related intellectual property matters;
  • Providing solutions for internet domain matters, litigation and arbitration;

Labour law

Tax law